We have state of the art facilities for ophthalmic microsurgery training (anterior and posterior segment) LASIK and Phaco.
SuVi Eye Institute and Lasik Laser Center is equipped with

1. Star S4 IR Visx Excimer Laser (AMO)

2. Wave San (AMO)

3. ML7  Microkeratome

4. Tomey Topographer

5. Zeiss Microscopes and CCTV

6. AMO Signature Phaco Machine

7. AMO Sovereign Compact Phaco Machines

8. Alcon Legacy Phaco Machine

9. Immersion Biometer

10. HFA Visual Field Analyzer

11. Yag Laser (Nidek)

12. corneal collagen cross linking machine

13.  Fundus Flurorescien Angiography (Kowa)

14. OptoVue OCT

 15. Green Laser (Nidek)

Our training facility has full video recording, and extensive library of books, journals and videos. In addition, there are meeting and discussion rooms with audio visual facilities.